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Act Scared, Get Behind Him, Keep Him Busy, Screw You Bozo

by Churlington

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released August 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Churlington New Zealand

We are Churlington, We were two, we are now five...We are guitar, bass and drums...We record in Bunnythorpe...We record in Gordons room...We are Churlington

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Track Name: Los locos kick your ass. Los locos kick your face. Los locos kick your balls INTO OUTER SPACE!
Soaking in this alcohol
Take two shots with tramadol
Pass it off with no control
One day it will take its toll
Until then I’m still alive
So fuck you all I feel just fine
Pissing on my own parade
I’m pretty sure that I’ll get laid
Putting on this false charade
Yeah I’m sober and feel just great
Until then I’m still alive
So fuck you all I feel just fine
These pills were free
These pills were free
From when I lost my lung
The last time I had too much fun
Alright enough's enough, I’m done being an asshole
But one more night won’t hurt it hasn’t so far
Track Name: Oscar, you will not get away! I am really PISSED OFF!
Between you and me
Let’s have this out
I’m just staring at the sky screaming lungs out
But where are you hiding in the clouds
It’s sunny here you would think that I would be so proud
Between you and me
Let’s have it out
Before they bury me six feet under ground

Do you believe in forgiveness after what you did, or was it prior to killing that defenseless kid
I’m screaming lungs out
Shouting at the blue sky
Track Name: I do not travel with bananas, sir!
You blew too hard
And now the sun has died
As paper tigers grew
Out of letters tarred
With forgotten notes
There’s no passion lost
With forgotten hopes
On Monday mornings frost

Do I need to come down
What does it mean
Am I too high

In this skin
In between sheets where shaking
Takes over everything
Counting heartbeats and breathing
Hiding underneath
Track Name: What are you, punishment from God?
Woke up today with this bad taste
Woke up today filled up with so much hate
Been grinding my teeth to the gums
Enough to piss off time
Like I should give a shit
These sheep are counting me (I can’t sleep)
I’m burning red
I’m burning red
I’m burning red
Woke up today nothing to say
Which made me feel great
Goodbye old friend mornings aren’t for talking
They are for drowning
I’m burning red
I’m burning red
I’m burning red
I’m burning
Track Name: Doctor Ruth says, "Violence is an expression of sexual frustration".
I’m not impressed
I’ve given myself better black eyes
With these tiny fists
I think you missed the part where I said
I give a shit coz I don’t

I’ve got an idea I’m leaving

I’m not impressed
I’ve given myself better black eyes