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The Andy Anderson EP

by Churlington

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released May 4, 2017

Bruno - Guitar & Vox
Sam (from Feilding) - Guitar & Vox
Goat - Bass & Vox
Quim - Drum & Vox
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Churlington



all rights reserved


Churlington New Zealand

We are Churlington, We were two, we are now five...We are guitar, bass and drums...We record in Bunnythorpe...We record in Gordons room...We are Churlington

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Track Name: Fuck Sand
Hello it's nice to meet you
It's been 20 years
Behind the face of a martyr your pills hiding the face we fear

It doesn’t sound right does it?
Put your hands in my pocket
Breathe out
It doesn’t feel right feeling nothing
We’re feeling nothing
We’re feeling nothing

Let's never forget our hearts are the size of a small fist
Track Name: Did You Really Just Applaud Him for Doing His Job?
And I choke being in my skin

This anxiety it chokes me
But in your eyes I am OK
I wear it underneath my skin
That I can shed within my dreams
When I
Think about it I scream my name
And point it out till I can’t complain that I
Can’t see anything remain of what I thought I had that stayed the same
Track Name: Gordon, Its so Good to See You
We'll all be photographs some day
One day I'm going to be in someone’s album
And will they wonder what I was really like
What I was really like

A drunken son of a bitch a fucking bastard
Track Name: Play the Laptop Goat
This is lunacy we are burning in fire
We made from the sparks we trapped in our eyes
If we keep breathing in the fumes from our pire
Our funeral will hold strong trapping these lies
Track Name: And I Just Want to Say Im Not Actually from Feilding
No matter how loud you said it
This senselessness adds to the mess
We put it all on
We put it all on
We put it all on
We put it all on

Make me your shadow
Make me your ghost
Don't pray for me

These headaches
Speak louder than words ever could
Track Name: You ARE from Feilding
I'm not your enemy
I am falling down
Next to your body
Another yes you'll see
To the question how
Are we so lucky
Bathing in apathy
Soaking in the blood
Of our own disease
Choking on empathy
Biting on my tongue
Hoping that it bleeds
Track Name: Hey, You at the Bar, Fuck You
I have been thinking about this lately
Am I an asshole? Probably, you made me
Push away further so I can breath
To contemplate freely
Whether to believe
A word you say and my reaction to it
I'll say another lie, "yeah I'm ok, I am cool with it
Your life is ok, its great and I am happy for you"
But I am lying so from me to you
I am an asshole
And I truly believe this
I am happier being this way and not giving a shit
Track Name: We Are Going to Need a Bigger Boat
She looked at me and i licked that face
I won't apologise
I never cashed in
16 cheap wine by the clothes line
Passed out under the ketamine
There are cocktails by the swimming pool
Little Paddy's going over it feels so right

I'm not the one who thinks this feeling's right
It's right

Fuck Off my dear
I'm holding on to nothing
Fuck off my friend
Joe's punching holes into the ceiling
Joe's punching holes into the ceiling
Joe's punching holes into the ceiling
Joe's punching holes into the ceiling

I'm not the one who thinks this feeling's right
It's right

I can hear it in the rust and the sound of the fear
That went up with the bottle and went down with the beer
Am I man enough? Will I ever know?
This is all we have to have to hold on to